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322 East Front Street
Boise, ID, 83702
United States


Providing the knowledge and technology required to improve the availability of native plant materials for restoring diverse native plant communities across the Great Basin.

USGS Snake River Field Station

The SRFS is located on the campus of Boise State University (BSU). The USGS maintains strong, cooperative ties with graduate programs on the BSU campus, as well as active and productive collaborations with many other partners, particularly the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Departments of Defense and Agriculture, states, other academic institutions, and conservation organizations. In recent years, SRFS’s science capability and research programs have expanded and diversified to meet the needs of resource managers throughout the western United States. Birds of prey are an important focus for historical reasons (see History of SRFS below), but USGS scientists also conduct a wide variety of science which is particularly relevant to resource management and conservation of the Intermountain West.

Matt Germino, Supervisory Research Ecologist
USGS Snake River Field Station

970 Lusk Street
Boise, ID 83706

Phone: (208) 426-3353






Research topics include climate responses of dominant wildland species and ecosystems; collaborative partnering in science and land management; and fire and other disturbance effects, soil erosion, and restoration in sagebrush steppe.


GBNPP Research Project(s):

Ecological Genetics of Big Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata): Genetic Structure and Climate Based Seed Zone Mapping
Bryce Richardson, Nancy Shaw, and Matthew J. Germino

Factors Affecting Initial Establishment of Big Sagebrush Outplants: Land Treatments, Seed Sources, and Climate Effects
Matthew J. Germino, Martha Brabec, and Bryce Richardson

Selecting Big Sagebrush Seed Sources for Restoration in a Variable Environment: Assessment of Young Seedling Responses to Climate and Management Treatments of Herbs
Matthew J. Germino and Martha Brabec