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322 East Front Street
Boise, ID, 83702
United States


Providing the knowledge and technology required to improve the availability of native plant materials for restoring diverse native plant communities across the Great Basin.

USFS National Seed Laboratory

The NSL is cooperatively funded by the Forest Service’s National Forest System, Research and Development, and State and Private Forestry deputy areas and administratively attached to the Cooperative Forestry Unit in the Southern Region. The NSL develops protocols for seed handling, germination, and storage of a variety of native forest plant seeds, ranging from commercial timber species to herbaceous understory plants. The NSL provides training materials, workshops, and customized individual training programs to United States and international seed workers, and collaborates with research and production facilities nationwide.

Bob Karrfalt, Director National Seed Laboratory
USDA Forest Service
National Seed Laboratory

5675 Riggins Mill Road
Dry Branch, Georgia 31020

Phone: (478) 751-3551

Author of dozens of technical articles, seed handling protocols, programs for genetic conservation, and co-editor of the most recent version of the Woody Plant Seed Manual. Organizer and presenter of over 40 seed workshops and advisor for seed cleaning practices and machine use. Representative of the US Government at the International Seed Testing Association and the Forest Reproductive Materials Certification Scheme in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


GBNPP Research Project(s):

Development of protocols for germination, seed weight, purity, and seed conditioning/cleaning for Great Basin grasses and forbs: banking Wyoming big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata ssp. wyomingensis) seed
Bob Karrfalt and Victor Vankus


Associated Publications:

Karrfalt, Robert; Shaw, Nancy. 2013. Banking Wyoming big sagebrush seeds. Native Plants Journal. 14: 60-69.

Karrfalt, R. P.; Vankus, V. 2009. Development of germination protocols, seed weight, purity and seed conditioning/cleaning protocols for Great basin grasses and forbs. Great Basin Native Plant Selection and Increase Project FY2009 Progress Report. p. 113-116.