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Boise, ID, 83702
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Providing the knowledge and technology required to improve the availability of native plant materials for restoring diverse native plant communities across the Great Basin.



Related Resources

Ecologically-based invasive plant management (EBIPM) combines state and transition models and successional management as a framework to make the best management decisions for a given landscape based on ecological principles.

Great Basin Consortium - A consortium of partners who coordinate and collaborate on science delivery in the Great Basin.

Great Basin Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit - A partnership for research, technical assistance, and education to enhance understanding and management of the Great Basin.

Great Basin Environmental Program is a land-based environmental management initiative similar in concept to 25 other estuarial environmental programs that have been operating in the United States since the approval of the Clean Water Act.

Great Basin Experts Database promotes comprehensive and complementary research and management collaborations to sustain ecosystems, resources and communities across the Great Basin.

Great Basin Science Exchange Program is one of 15 Fire Science Knowledge Exchanges funded by the Joint Fire Science Program. 

Joint Fire Science Program is your one-stop source to access fire science information, resources and funding announcements for scientists, fire practitioners and decision makers.

Restoring the West

SAGEMAP project is identifying and collecting spatial data layers needed for research and management of sage grouse and shrub-steppe systems.



Extra Resources

Climate Change // Entomology - Pollinators, Plant, and Seed Predators // Invasive Species // Great Basin Restoration and Management // Plant Anatomy and Morphology // Plant Materials, Biology, Propagation, and Sources // Plant Photos // Regulatory Agencies – Seed Industry // Restoration Ecology and Technology // Taxonomy Databases

Great Basin Restoration and Management

Great Basin Consortium

A consortium of partners who coordinate and collaborate on science delivery in the Great Basin

Great Basin Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit

A partnership for research, technical assistance, and education to enhance understanding and management of the Great Basin

Great Basin Environmental Program

Develops funding for on-the-ground projects, research, and outreach education to improve the Great Basin environment

Great Basin Information Project

Great Basin and Columbia River Plateau information access

Great Basin Issues [pdf]

Collaborative management and research in the Great Basin – Examining the issues and developing a framework for action

Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC)

The Great Basin LCC facilitates partnerships to better integrate science and management to address climate change and related issues

Great Basin Research and Management Partnership

Promoting comprehensive and complementary research and management collaborations to sustain ecosystems, resources, and communities across the Great Basin

Great Basin Science Delivery Project

A Joint Fire Science Program knowledge exchange consortium

Piñon-Juniper Webzone

Piñon-juniper reference for the Intermountain West

RMRScience Cheatgrass Research [pdf]

Challenging cheatgrass: Can tools like the “Black Finger of Death” fight the formidable invasive species


Sagebrush Steppe Treatment Evaluation Project - Evaluation of sagebrush steppe restoration methods

Wildland Shrub Symposia [pdf]

Symposia proceedings from 1983 - 2012

Restoration Ecology and Technology

FS - Technology & Development Program

Links to the forest service's current technology and development programs

Global Restoration Network

Database of projects, research, and restoration information

Healthy Lands Initiative

Fact sheets on cooperative habitat restoration projects led by the BLM

Mechanized Trail Building Equipment

Useful information for trail designers, builders, and maintenance personnel

Plant Conservation Alliance's Restoration Working Group

Tools and references for restoration projects

Rangeland Technology & Equipment Council (RTEC)

Interagency organization fostering the development of new rehabilitation equipment and strategies for rangeland improvement

Restoring Western Ranges and Wildlands [pdfs] [Vol 1] [Vol 2] [Vol 3]

Three volumes dedicated to the plant materials and operational methods for revegetating disturbed rangelands

Revegetation Equipment Catalog

Descriptions and vendors of revegetation equipment

Roadside Revegetation: An Integrated Approach to Establishing Native Plants [pdf]

Revegetation manual that includes initiating, planning, implementing, and monitoring roadside revegetation projects

Roadside Revegetation for Managers [pdf]

Managers' guide to roadside revegetation


Spatial data for research and management of sage-grouse and sagebrush ecosystems

Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)

Nonprofit organization focusing on restoration science, practice, and policy

SER - Publications

SER publications on ecological restoration science and applications

SER - Great Basin Chapter

Great Basin Chapter information and calendar of events

SER - Northwest Chapter

Northwest Chapter information and calendar of events

Soil Ecology and Restoration Group

Soil considerations in restoration

Plant Materials, Biology, Propagation, Seeds and Sources

AOSA Test Methods for Species without Rules

Germination and purity testing recommendations for species without official AOSA testing rules

ARS - National Plant Germplasm System

Joint public-private effort to preserve plant germplasm

BLM - Plant Conservation

Information about the conservation, management, and restoration of native plant communities

Celebrating Wildflowers

General information about native plant materials

Colorado Plateau Native Plant Program

Information and tools to assist in collecting and propagating native plant materials and designing and implementing effective revegetation projects

Fire Effects Information System

Syntheses of biology, ecology, and fire-related research on US plant and animal species

Forb and Shrub Seed Production Guide for Utah [pdf]

Guidelines for producing seed of common Intermountain forbs and shrubs

FS - National Seed Laboratory

Seed testing, seed technology, and germplasm conservation

Grass Seed Production Guide for Utah [pdf]

Guidelines for producing seed of common Intermountain grasses

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Native plant information network and images

National Gardening Association

Horticultural plant care guides.

Native Plants for the Intermountain West

Site that encourages the use of native plants in landscaping and gardening

Native Plant Network

Information on growing and planting native plants for restoration and conservation

Native Plant Network - Journal

Links to past issues of the Native Plants Journal

Native Plant Network - Propagation Protocol Database

Plant propagation protocol sharing site

Native Plant Notebook

Statistics on native forb and grass seeds, increase, and habitat

Native Plants for the Intermountain West

Designed to enhance the introduction and evaluation of native plants and to provide education concerning their use and propagation

Native Seed Network

Native plant information and vendor search tool

North American Native Plant Society

Native plant meetings, seed sources, and databases

NRCS - PLANTS Database

Fact sheets and plant guides that include propagation and seeding information

Plant Conservation Alliance

Cooperative for plant conservation and native habitat restoration in North America

Popular Restoration Species Seed Weights List [pdf]

Average weights of 1,000 seeds and average number of seeds per pound

Reforestation, Nurseries, and Genetics Resources

Source of technical plant and seed propagation information

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

Seed information database

Seed Germination References

Bibliography of seed dormancy and/or germination in plants

Seeds of Success

BLM and Royal Botanic Gardens germplasm conservation program

Seed Quest

Information services for seed professionals

Seed Zone Mapper

Mapping and planning tool for plant material development, gene conservation, and native plant restoration

Wildland Shrubs of the US and its Territories

Short summaries for 300 shrub species with infomation about indentification, range, reproduction, growth, and management

Woody Plant Seed Manual

Seed biology and technology information for more than 1,000 shrub species

Entomology – Pollinators, Plant and Seed Predators

The Buzz About Bees

Information about native bees and pollination

Bee Pastures

A guide for developing flower pastures where pollinators can prosper

Celebrating Wildflowers - Pollinators

General information about pollinators

Colorado State University - Western Colorado Insects

Information on pests affecting native plant seed production

Plants Attractive to Native Bees

A list of plants that are broadly attractive to bees

Plants for Insects & Pollinators Publications Technical publications from plant material centers working to select plants and provide reccomendations for enhancing pollinator populations

Plants for Pollinators in the Intermountain West [pdf]

A guide for development of conservation plantings that provide habitat for pollinators

Pollinator Paradise

Information about pollinators including identification, purchase, and research

Pollinator Partnership

Resources and information about protecting pollinators

Presidential Memorandum (2014) "Creating a Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators"

The Xerces Society

Information and studies related to invertebrate conservation

Regulatory Agencies – Seed Industry

Association of Official Seed Analysts(AOSA)

Seed testing information and laboratory addresses

Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA)

Seed certification information and agency addresses

Plant Photos


A repository of photos and information on California’s native flora

HortiPlex Database

Plant images and propagation methods

Mid-Snake River Watershed Vegetation Database

Photos of native and nonnative vegetation occurring in southwestern Idaho and southeastern Oregon

NRCS - PLANTS Database

Photos and information on vascular and nonvascular plants of the US

Photo Album of Western Plants and Wildflowers

Images of western plants and links to other plant photo databases

Seeds of Success on SmugMug

Photos of plants, seeds, and landscapes taken by Seeds of Success cooperators

Taxonomy Databases

ARS - National Plant Germplasm System

Database for taxonomic queries

Biota of North America Program

Information related to the development of a comprehensive continental flora

Flora of North America

Information on the taxonomy and morphology of all native and naturalized plants in North America

Flowering Plant Gateway

Database that allows for a comparison of plant of descriptions by different classification systems

Integrated Taxonomic Information System

Current taxonomic information on more than 400,000 organisms

International Code of Botanical Nomenclature

Taxonomic code

National Biological Information Infrastructure

Archived website with links to databases, products, and tools for understanding biological resources

NRCS - PLANTS Database

Taxonomic information on vascular and nonvascular plants of the US

The Plant List

A working list of all known plant species created and maintained through a collaborative of the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, Missouri Botanical Garden, and others


Nomenclature and specimen database with more than 4 million records

Tropicos – Catalogue of New World Grasses

Taxonomy and distribution of Western Hemisphere grasses

World Biodiversity Database

Taxonomic information on more than 25,000 taxa

Invasive Species

California Noxious Weeds

Photos and data for Califonia's noxious weeds

Celebrating Wildflowers

General information on invasive species

Center for Invasive Plant Management

Links to weed biology and management websites

Idaho Noxious Weeds

Photos and data for Idaho’s noxious weeds

National Invasive Species Information Center

Database with images, publications, and biology and management information for invasive US species

Nevada Noxious Weeds

Photos and data for Nevada’s noxious weeds

Oregon Noxious Weeds

Photos and data for Oregon’s noxious weeds

Utah Noxious Weeds

Photos and data for Utah’s noxious weeds

Plant Anatomy and Morphology

Categorized Glossary Index

Vascular plant systematics

Flower Anatomy for Kids

Resources for teaching children about flowers

Sagebrush Identification Guide

Guide to the identification of Great Basin sagebrush species

Climate Change

Climate Change Resource Center

Reference for resource managers and decision makers

FS - Climate Change Response Report [pdf]

Forest Service strategic framework for responding to climate change

Natural Resources Defense Council

Link to the full report - Hotter and drier: The West’s changed climate

Project BudBurst

Information about climate change and its effects on the timing of the phases of the plant life cycle

USGS US Climate Change Science Program [pdf]

Reviews ecological thresholds as related to climate change

USA National Phenology Network

Volunteer network monitoring climate change impacts on plants and animals