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322 East Front Street
Boise, ID, 83702
United States


Providing the knowledge and technology required to improve the availability of native plant materials for restoring diverse native plant communities across the Great Basin.


2015 Great Basin NPP Annual Meeting

February 17

Boise, ID

A. Halford, USDI BLM Idaho State Office - Boise, ID

Great Basin Native Plant Project - Expanded Program Structure and Partner Roles

P. Olwell, National Plant Materials Program Lead, USDI BLM - Washington, D. C.

Seed Strategy

K. Gunnell, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources - Ephraim, UT

Update of Native Plant Research and Activities at the Great Basin Research Center - Ephraim, UT

C. Shock, Oregon State University, Malheur Experiment Station - Ontario, OR

Update on Stand Establishment and Water Requirements for Wildflower Seed Production

H. Prendeville, USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station - Corvallis, OR

Reciprocal Transplant Study to Test Adaptation of Bluebunch Wheatgrass

S. Bushman, USDA Agricultural Research Service - Logan, UT

Progress in Establishment of Legumes Native to the Western USA

N. Cline, Brigham young University - Provo, UT

Wet Thermal Time and Soil Water Potential in the Seedbeds and Root Zones Across the Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystem of the Great Basin

S. Barga, University of Nevada Extension - Reno, NV

Seed and Seed Bank Ecology of Great Basin Forbs

M. Fisk, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station - Boise, ID

To Freeze or Not to Freeze? An Investigation into Sulphur-Flower Buckwheat Cold Hardiness

K. McAdoo, University of Nevada Extension - Elko, NV

Planting Native Species to Diversify Crested Wheatgrass Monocultures in Nevada

R. C. Johnson, USDA Agricultural Research Service - Pullman, WA

Seed Zones for Sandberg Bluegrass and Friends

S. Jenson, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station - Provo, UT

Field testing Provisional Seed Zones with Basin Wildrye

R. Karrfalt, USDA National Seed Laboratory - Dry Branch, GA

Improving the Management of Sagebrush Seed

B. Richardson, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station - Provo, UT

Clines in growth, Seed Yield and Survival of Big Sagebrush Subspecies: Their Relation to Climate and Use in Seed Transfer Zone Development

M. Brabec, USGS Forest and rangeland Ecosystem Science Center - Boise, ID

Response of Seedlings of Each Big Sagebrush Subspecies to Experimental Warming Reveals Importance of Minimum Temperatures to Establishment

M. Germino, USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center - Boise, ID

Climate Adaptation of Big Sagebrush Revealed From Success of 24 Historic Post-Fire Seedings: Insights for Assisted Migration