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Providing the knowledge and technology required to improve the availability of native plant materials for restoring diverse native plant communities across the Great Basin.


2010 Great Basin NPP Annual Meeting

January 26-27

Salt Lake City, UT

P. Olwell, USDI BLM Division of Fish, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation - Washington D.C.

National Perspective

B. Richardson, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station - Provo

Studies to Assess Ecological Genetics and Evolutionary Relationships in Artemisia tridentate

M. Byrne, USDI BLM Division of Fish, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation - Washington D.C.

Seeds of Success

K. McAdoo, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension - Elko, NV

Increasing Plant Diversity in Crested Wheatgrass Seedings

C. Shock, E. Feibert, L. Saunders, N. Shaw, Oregon State University, Malheur Experiment Station

Do These Plants Need Water?

C. Shock, E. Feibert, L. Saunders, N. Shaw, Oregon State University, Malheur Experiment Station 

Where Did All the Weeds Go?

C. Moffet, USDA ARS, US Sheep Experiment Station - Dubois, ID

Eastern Idaho Crested Wheatgrass Diversification Study Update

L. St. John, D. Ogle, USDA NRCS, Aberdeen Plant Materials Center - Aberdeen, ID

Great Basin Native Plant Selection and Increase Project - Aberdeen Plant Materials Center Activities During 2009

S. Jensen, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station - Provo, UT

Equipment and Cultural Practices for Native Seed Production

B. Roundy, K. Young, Brigham Young University - Provo, UT

Using Wet Thermal Accumulation to Predict Germination and Seedling Root Growth of Revegetation Species and Cheatgrass Across the Great Basin

B. Youtie, Eastern Oregon Stewardship Services - Prineville, OR

Coordination of GBNPSIP Plant Materials Development, Seed Increase and Use

S. Young, M. Bouck, Utah Crop Improvement Association - Logan, UT

Seed Increase and the Buy-back Program

G. Fenchel, USDA NRCS, Los Lunas Plant Material Center - Los Lunas, NM

Planting Techniques for Dry Areas of the Colorado Plateau

J. Free, Uncompahgre Plateau Project - Grand Junction, CO

Availability and Production of Colorado Plateau Native Seed

P. West, K. Stiverson, Northern Arizona University - Flagstaff, AZ

Research on Native Plant Materials of Northern Arizona

J. Crane, S. Miller, M. Weber, USDA ARS, Bee Biology and Systematics Laboratory- Logan, UT

On-farm Pollinator Surprises Ease Some Pollination Challenges for Native Forb Seed Production

E. Lewis, Departments of Entomology and Nematology, University of California - Davies, CA

Biocontrol of Seed Predators On-farm Using Nematodes

B. Leger, E. Espeland, E. Goergen, University of Nevada, Reno

Persistance and Evolution of Native Plants in Cheatgrass Invaded Systems

T. Forbis, USDA ARS - Reno, NV

Germination Phenology of Some Great Basin Native Annual Forb Species

N. Shaw, R. Cox, J. Truax, E. Denney, M. Fisk, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station - Boise, ID

Post-fire Seeding Strategies and Native Plant Materials for the Northern Great Basin

R. Johnson, B. Hellier, M. Cashman, USDA ARS Western Regional Plant Introduction Station - Pullman, WA

Seed Zones for Tapertip Onion and Indian Ricegrass

S. Bushman, D. Johnson, USDA ARS, Forage and Range Research Laboratory - Logan, UT

Legume Seed Source Decisions From Common Garden Traits and Genetically Differentiated Groups

B. St. Clair, R. C. Johnson, N. Shaw, USDA FS Pacific Northwest Research Station - Corvallis, OR

Seed Transfer Guidelines for Bluebunch Wheatgrass

A. Davis, E. Overton, O. Kildisheva, R. Keefe, University of Idaho - Moscow, ID

Germination Trials of, and Evaluation of Post-Germination Stress in, Wyoming Big Sagebrush and Munro's Globemallow

B. Hammon, Cooperative Extension, Tri-River Area - Grand Junction, CO

Insect Pests in Grass Seed Production

C. Ransom, K. Edvarchuk, Utah State University - Logan, UT

Forb Response to Herbicides for Seed Production and Rangeland Restoration

B. Hellier, R. Johnson, USDA ARS Western Regional Plant Introduction Station - Pullman, WA

Seed and Bulb Production From Mechanically Planted Allium acuminatum Bulbs

R. Karrfalt, V. Vankus, USDA FS National Seed Laboratory - Dry Branch, GA

Wyoming Big Sagebrush Seed Germination After 2 Years Storage in Sealed Containers

H. Kratsch, D. Johnson, Utah State University - Logan, UT

Adaptability of Selected Great Basin Native Plants to Utah Markets

K. Memmott, Provo, UT

Common Garden Studies on the Colorado Plateau

C. Jones, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources - Ephraim, UT

Native Plant Materials Development at the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

A. Whittaker, B. Davis, D. Summers, J. Vernon, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Great Basin Research Center - Ephraim, UT

Will it Grow? Comparison of Wildland Planting Methods of Native Forbs